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CaRNaC, Children at Risk National Collaboration of Christian Agencies, is dedicated to improve the life of ‘Children at risk’

We Rise By Lifting Others.​

Children at Risk National Collaboration (CaRNaC) is a network of over 40 agencies working across Uganda with Children at risk. CaRNaC is registered as a charity in Uganda No.108073. 

Making An Impact With Your Powerful

  • This initiative started in 2006 to help members work together to better respond to the needs of children at risk. This was done to achieve improved quality of projects, increased action for children, and influencing decision makers on policy issues affecting children

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See how you can make a difference in families’ lives with small support from you.

Save The Child

Save a child from child labour in the gold mines

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Join our team by offering to volunter with us. Your experience can create a diffference. 

Impact That We Have Created

  • We have provided an effective coordinated Christian response to children at risk over the time through capacity building, advocacy and promoting good practices so as to improve quality, increase action and influence decision making on issues affecting children.

Making An Impact With Your Powerful

With due diligence and support from our volunteers we make an effective and powerful impact of change to the lives of others. 


Rights for all children

No child should be in gold mines while others are at school

Raised: $63,000

Enrollment of children back to school

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Raised: $63,000
Development of children play centers

Safe play For All Children

Every child has a right to play. We have provided play centers to schools to encourage children to stay in school and play safe, guarded and guided.

Play centers 36%
Children rights clubs

Children protecting others

—Training children their rights and responsibilities in their community, home and school.

Training children on how to protect others and how they can create a better environment for other children.

 Creation rights clubs to encourage reporting of child abuses in the community and connecting children to the right authorities for help.


What Our Supporters Say

With all the great achievements we would love to share our testimonies from different personnel  

Inspire People To Take Action, To Change The World.

Children know how to fight abuse. We empower them through rights clubs, teach them their rights and responsibilities and citizens as well as how to fight abuse they and other children face.

Water For All Children

Our Sponsors And Donors


We are humbly grateful for you have supported us with both physically and in faith.

Surely we cant make it with out your support and ideas 

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CaRNaC is a leading national network promoting collaboration among Christian child focused agencies.among