Stopping Child Exploitation









Education instead of Child Labour

In many small mines throughout the district of Busia, in southeastern Uganda, gold is mined. Instead of attending school, many children and teens here must participate in hard work, for their families need the additional income. Sadly, the district of Busia has the highest rate of school dropouts in the country. For this to change, the income and living conditions of families need to improve. And this is where the project comes in.

CaRNaC protects children from being exploited and promotes and defends their rights. For, the children’s health and development are endangered through work in gold mines, street trade or child prostitution. The project further strengthens the children’s right to education and security, and a balanced and healthy diet. To this end, CaRNaC actively works together with district authorities, parents, schools, churches, the police, and other civil society organizations.

Specifically, the project focuses on the following elements:

  • Re-enrolling children in school after leaving work at the mines
  • Courses for children and teens so that they know their rights and can advocate for them
  • Raising awareness among parents, teachers, and local authorities regarding the rights of children
  • Educating parents about alternative sources of income, agricultural training
  • Establishing and supporting local savings and loan group

This project has been up and running since January 2014 and its successes so far have been promising. After concluding its work in the district of Busia at the end of 2018, as of 2019 the experiences gained and methods developed will then be applied in the district of Namayingo as a part of the next project phase.