We always did well during the harvesting season. But soon after, the hunger returned.

— Robert Ogguta, Farmer

Farmer Robert Ogguta

By European standards, Robert Ogguta is a small-scale farmer. He has less than a hectare of land, all in all farming eight thousand square meters. Even though he worked hard all his life, he barely made a living. Hunger was a part of everyday life, as was the fact that his oldest son, Omware Denis, already as a child had to go and work in the goldmines. Poverty is widespread in Uganda. 35 percent of the population live on less than 1.90 dollars a day. But Oggutta is a hard-working, loyal man. He never gave up, got up every morning and fought to provide for his loved ones. And one day his hard work paid off – or he was finally rewarded for being faithful in the little things: The CaRNaC team chose to work with Robert Ogguta, training him in a more efficient way of farming. This involved ecological farming which includes key features such as mulching, a crop rotation principle, as well as doing without burning harvested fields and soil cultivation.

His work is still tough. He still wakes up early every morning, reaches for his hoe, works his land, and earns his living by the sweat of his brow. But one crucial thing has changed: His modest amount of farmland is now enough to provide for his family. Hunger is a thing of his past. “The harvest hasn’t just doubled, it has increased far more than that,” Oggutta is happy to report. He gives an example of an experiment that he did in the very beginning. On an area of 300 m2 he suddenly was harvesting 150 kg of corn. In comparison, with his initial way of farming he harvested only 100 kg of corn on 4000 m2 of land. Now he can even sell some of his vegetables on the local market. Thanks to this he can send his children to school. Robert Ogguta’s life is still not easy, but he’s now able to meet its challenges.