Just fantastic: Meanwhile 100 tomatoes grow on one single tomato plant.

— John Bosco, Farmer

Farmer John Bosco

His hands are strong and weathered from his daily work in the fields. He sits on an old, wooden chair in front of his house, and while he speaks, his eyes light up. He enjoys speaking about the past years, about the changes that have happened, how his farm has been transformed. He used to harvest 300 kg of corn on 0.4 hectares of land. “Today, on the same amount of farmland, I harvest up to 2,000 kg,” he beams. He experienced similar success with all other produce he grows: tomatoes, bananas, soy and beans. All thanks to the training that CaRNAC provided. But also thanks to his tireless work, his sharp mind, and his unparalleled passion for his profession.

Finally, his hard work was paying off. He could breathe a sigh of relief, as he no longer needed to worry whether he could afford his children’s school fees. John Bosco is thriving – and has even found a new purpose in life: He wanted to share his good fortune with others and for this reason founded an agricultural school. Here, he shares the know-how he acquired through CaRNaC, true to the motto: A joy that is shared is a joy made double.