Instead of digging for gold, more and more children are now coming back to school.

— Mugeni Deo, Deputy Headteacher, Tiira Primary School

Teacher Mugeni Deo

Hundreds of children are playing in front of the Tiira elementary school. They’re a colorful bunch, wearing red, blue and yellow shirts. They are running around, laughing and waiting for their teachers to hand them their semester report cards. Mugeni Deo is one of the teachers. He’s thrilled about the CaRNaC project which for over four years now has focused on motivating the children of Tiira who work in the goldmines to return to school. “Education is the key to healthy development,” he explains. And the effects of CaRNaC’s work are clearly noticeable – “The number of pupils has strongly increased.”

Over the past four years, CaRNaC has been financially supporting around 400 pupils. CaRNaC focused on those families who very much wanted their children to attend school but who couldn’t afford the school fees. But CaRNaC’s work overall impacted far more children. Its local Project Manager, Moses Ojambo, highlights: “We’ve managed to motivate at least 1,000 pupils to come back to school.”

At the same time, CaRNaC is training both teachers and parents on how to treat children in a healthy way. Children’s rights are addressed, as is the topic of child abuse, and the fact that appropriate authority can be achieved without resorting to physical violence or disciplining. “Children can only reach their full potential if they feel loved and supported,” says Moses Ojambo.